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Trading Automation & Research

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Delivering Trading Success

Algorithmic Trading

We have developed a Market Monitoring System comprised of various modules to enhance profitability. 

As risk management is at the forefront of our approach, we incorporate predetermined risk management parameters which activate once pre-defined profit or stop-loss targets are reached.


Explore risk vs. return trade-offs based on historical or forecasted returns. Optimize portfolios based on mean-variance, conditional value-at-risk (CVaR), risk-return ratios, or drawdowns.

Proprietary Technology

Obbertan uses its own technology, in part, to trade its own capital.


Our approach combines Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with proven portfolio construction methodologies, to maximize performance results.

Trading Success
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Obbertan Trading Solutions

Obbertan focuses on bringing return equilibrium to the trading world and supporting traders. Maintaining profitability within a trading environment is challenging, by breaking it down into simple elements, it has allowed Obbertan to develop robust and highly proficient trading system. Additionally, through strategic partnerships and vast combined experience, we have been able to greatly enhance our offering.

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Our Technology Partners

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Forefront of Technology

Obbertan has embedded extensive trading experience and ability into software which systematically repeats decisions based upon pre-formulated,  rational criteria. The end result is continual returns with acceptable drawdowns within an environment of pre-determined Risk parameters.

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